Our services are as individual as your requirements. We offer you a holistic solution for your business. Our range of services combines all aspects of your product data management.


With our hosting services we guarantee you the highest stability and security. Our various infrastructure models offer you exactly the performance and scalability you need for your application.

We design and manage your systems from a simple server to the self-scaling landscape in the cloud.

In addition to the system landscape around your product data management, we also provide you with systems that make your daily work easier. Benefit from our solutions that help you to work in an agile, transparent and secure way.

Deployment Workflows

Central Knowledge Base

Source Code Management

Ticket Systems


Digitization is playing an increasingly important role for companies which want to be successful in the long term. Nowadays, product information must be available quickly, in high quality and across many channels. If companies succeed in ensuring this, they can gain a competitive advantage.

The integration of the most important information suppliers, including the core processes, increases the efficiency and quality of your business processes.

We advise you in a complete manner, taking into account your strategic orientation. Our experts analyze your requirements and business processes from product development to sales and find the optimal technological and business solution for you.

For sustainable success, it is not enough to focus on technology or process optimization. Technology and processes must be viewed as a whole unit and integrated into one another.


Requirements analysis & conception

Together with your specialist departments, we will concretize your goals and ideas. Together with you, we define requirements and create concepts. Our experts always focus on technical feasibility, usability and profitability.


After extensive analysis of the requirements and conception, we find the suitable solution and technology for the realization of your project. We always take care to use standard software wherever possible, which represents most of your use cases. For this we have a number of different commercial and open source PIM systems in our offer to offer you the optimal solution. If no standard software is suitable for your application, our software and system architects will gladly design and develop a tailor-made solution for you. With our wide range of different solutions, we make sure that we always optimally cover your requirements. In order to meet the quality requirements of business-relevant software, we rely on state-of-the-art development methods. All written source code is tested on the software side and approved by a user. This is achieved through the practice of continuous integration and the constant deployment of the new software version on various test systems. This is always done in close cooperation with the customer.

Operation & Support

The availability, performance and security of business-relevant applications and systems has the highest priority. Our hosting and infrastructure specialists ensure that your system runs on the right system landscape. We cover everything from simple hosting on a server to complex microservice architecture. If you would like to host your system yourself, we will be happy to help and support you.

Project management

Through our agile approach and project management, we enable a progressive and rapid implementation of your project. It enables us to react promptly and efficiently to changes in requirements and to implement them. Due to the low self-administration effort we also keep your costs low. To support our project management and implementation, we rely on state-of-the-art tools for ticket management and knowledge management. This guarantees maximum efficiency, documentation and transparency for our customers.


Our support staff and contact persons will be happy to assist you with any difficulties and challenges before, during and after your project and will be happy to support you.


Depending on the nature of your problem, we can offer you the right solution for your requirements. From commercial and open-source PIM solutions to custom-made solutions developed in-house.

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